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I follow many people all over the web each for a different reason, generally the people I follow have similar interests to myself or work in a similar industry or subject area to me. It occurred to me that my readers might like to learn why I follow certain people in kind of a “review” capacity. By the way, when I say “follow” I don’t specifically mean on Twitter, although that’s a part of it, I’m more referring to reading their blog, emails and following them on social networks. The main purpose for me following is that I might learn something about them and the Internet Marketing industry that I am deeply involved in and passionate about.

Ok, so enough ramblings, the first in my “Why I follow” series is Chris Brogan.

I first heard about Chris Brogan in a response someone had written to a Question posted on LinkedIn. I forget the exact question but i believe it was something to do with Social Media. The responder suggested Chris Brogan as an expert in the field. I subsequently clicked over to his site (this was back in about 2003 I believe), browsed a few articles and left. At the time, I remember thinking it would be great to be recommended by someone in a public setting like that. Over subsequent years, Chris’s name appeared periodically in articles and other mentions on websites. As I got more involved in internet marketing and departed from traditional marketing for the most part, the frequency of Chris Brogan mentions increased.

Today I follow Chris on Twitter and subscribe to his blog. Why? Over the past 12 months, I have learned a lot about Chris and could summarize him as an expert in the fields of social media, marketing, (human) business and blogging. I believe Chris to be one of the most transparent professionals in the space. He never try’s to force his products on you, obviously his blog is a revenue source for him, but Chris goes so far as to openly declare when he uses an affiliate link and how he is partnered with some of his advertisers. This gives his readers/users confidence in him, in that he’s not trying to trick or manipulate in any way. Chris does a great job of using his knowledge in the space along with transparency to build trust and recognition, thus a platform for multiple successful businesses. I’ve learned a lot from Chris over the past year in particular. Here’s a few things that Chris is involved in/owns, pulled from the post “The Evolution of Chris Brogan”

Escape Velocity

Human Business Works

CrossTech Ventures

The Pulse Network

New Marketing Labs

Kitchen Table Companies

… and of course ChrisBrogan.com. Click over there today and learn more about Chris Brogan.

He is also co-author of an aptly named book, “Trust Agents”. You can look more and purchase via the AFFILIATE link below :)


Have you had an experience with Chris, or have something to add about why one might follow him, enter your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

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