My 2 Cents on Google Plus

You don’t have to spend much time online to know that the Google Plus phenomena is spreading across the inter webs like wildfire. I’ve heard mixed feedback from different audiences and I’m here to give you my 2 cents.

I like Google Plus slick interface and “fresh slate” approach to the platform. Several I know (and don’t know) have ditched FaceBook and gone Google Plus all the way already, with the concept of excluding the noise of their FaceBook “friends” who they don’t really know, to start over. This does seem like a logical move for that purpose, but it doesn’t speak to any of the features of Google Plus since the main reason for platform migration is to “ditch the noise” not because it has cool features.

That said, I think the circles concept is great. Right off the bat Google has taken the FaceBook groups feature and made it better. Personally, I have Circles for business, friends, family, twitter users and my place of work. I like that users can be added to multiple circles.

Another feature that i’ve tested briefly is “hangouts”. Although my test was only one on one, I can see great potential for group discussions both business and personal, and the opportunity for virtual employees ever more a reality. I’m anxious to get my family overseas on board and make the world smaller. It will be interesting to see how Skype responds with their new FaceBook collaboration and paid multi-video conference services.

I’m still getting used to a few things on Google Plus, I certainly haven’t explored it as much as I’d like, but I think it certainly warrants potential. I’d says Google’s best attempt at social media yet. I’m anxious to see how the platform progresses with the hope of some kind of “FaceBook page style” additions that can be used for businesses. The new social network has got off to a great start with 10 million subscribers in the first two weeks of going live (and that’s with restricted “invite-only” access).

Now i’ve given you my 2 cents, whats yours?

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About Sam Beamond

Sam Beamond is President of Beamond Creative, LLC and writes on Internet Marketing topics for the DDIN Journal. He is presently employed by Dennis Kirk as Internet Marketing Manager and founded the LinkedIn group, "Internet Marketing Source".

  • David Gadarian

    Good stuff Sam.  I think we are still in early days with Google+ – Google has historically done some things really well like AdWords and measurement and I’m looking forward to seeing where they take this and how they integrate all their services.  

    Regarding the concept of a “social reset”, I recall something about history repeating itself… 

    Lastly, was liking the monkey tail beard – I think you’ve lost a real opportunity there by playing it safe.  Embrace you inner simian

  • Sam Beamond

    Yes, agreed. Google has done some really good things. But some not so good things. Trying to determine if all the hype is because Google Plus is a good platform OR is all the hype just because everyone has a better handle on social media as a whole now.

  • Michael D. Yoder

    I think circles on G+ are comparable to lists on Facebook, not groups. They function in pretty much the same fashion, but Facebook has done a poor job of making it easy to create lists and manage them. It’s like mac (G+) vs pc (Facebook) when it comes to the user experience in this area.
    I also think any comparisons in how quickly G+ is growing are tainted by the fact that there was nothing like Facebook when it started. There was nothing like Twitter or LinkedIn when they started either. Now you have a world that is social media minded and much more engaged than you did when social networks were just beginning. So, it is much easier to grow your audience much quicker.

  • Sam Beamond

    Makes perfect sense to me Michael. Would you agree that circles could be the equivalent of Twitter lists also? I haven’t took the time to build out list in Twitter just because it seems like a cumbersome process to go back and add followers to lists now. With circles its so simple from the start.

  • Sandrogisler

    I was happy about an early invite, but underwhelmed since. I won’t use the group-video-calling anytime soon – simply no need for this at the moment. I like the circles concept, but I hope that facebook will improve their groups and add something like a ‘bookmark profile’ similar to LinkedIn; throw in a good UI and you have circles. Or am I missing something? where is the innovation? I’ve been a Google aficionado ever since switching from Altavista (yes!), but have not seen anything exiting in the recent past. Cautiously observing for now…

  • Sam Beamond

    Thanks for the comment Sandrogisler. The circles concept is that you can categorize your “friends/connections” into groups/circles. Connections can be added to multiple circles (which is great). For me, I have business connections that also fit into friends so I can put them in both circles. The main benefit of circles is that when you post content you choose which circles you want to share that content with OR select public for all circles and beyond. Google makes this easy to do, and less confusing that the likes of FaceBook. If FaceBook improves this feature (which it likely) will, its game on!

  • Hare

    Why is Craigslist not left in the dirt for not upgrading its website? It’s easy for Google to drive users to their own platform. I mean they do control most of the webs advertisement. I feel that facebook will be just fine. Only way FB will decline is because they will stop becoming FB the way we know it now.

  • Sam Beamond

    Thanks for the comment Hare. Interesting to make the “upgrade” comparison with craigslist. Last time I heard Craig Newmark makes about $30m/yr. So if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, is probably a good approach don’t you think :) Time will tell how FaceBook measures up to Google Plus. Thanks!

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